Name - You Must Build A Boat

Developer - EightyEight Games

Link -

Category - Puzzle

Type of game - Matching-based

Achievements - 12

Total points - 72000

Paid app

6000 points

  1. Bigger Hitter - Deal 500 damage in one hit
  2. Sail Away Sail Away - Move to a new area
  3. Out of Paper, Out of Stock - Clear out Hornsbies
  4. And My Axe - Recruit a monster
  5. Many Secrets - Find a secret collect
  6. Cyclical - Go around again
  7. Crooked Words - Pass through hell
  8. Dud - Detonate a crate bomb with no crates
  9. Skill beats Gear - Reach Jail without buying anything
  10. Go The Distance - Reach 800 metres in the Gallery
  11. Wheese - Beat the game
  12. Ironed out the kinks - Receive Agneti's gift (Reach New game++ and talk to the lady in the garden)

Secret collects:

  • Sell 2000 gold worth of items in one session with the orb/merchant thing. This requires ~35 items from Pagota or forward. I recommend getting far more than you think you need.
  • When you reach the Jail, you can hop out of bed with multiple clicks. Click enough (10 times) to unlock Robber.
  • Unlock Wraith by defeating one in the Vaults with a Fireball. You can soften it up with staff tiles first if you need to. (You might not be able to unlock him without finishing the game, or it may be related to overkill)
  • In the Pagota, from the ship view, there's a half-invisible Ninja in the background. If you move the background a little (click and drag anywhere) he might stand out better since he's closer than the background but further than the ship. Click on him and he'll join. (See pic below)
  • In the Mage Tower, eat a food item while 'fighting' a Geltower (white cube thing) to recruit one.
  • In the Gallery, watch for a painting of a Black dragon, and click it.
  • When your 'library' is sufficiently full (typically after your first run in the Gallery), visit Woodward to unlock the Catapult. You don't need a 100% full library, but if it doesn't unlock after your first Gallery run, you may need to re-run some of the earlier areas.

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