Name - Werewolf Tycoon

Developer - Joe Williamson

Link -

Category - Casual

Type of game - Stealth

Achievements - 15

Total points - 80000

5000 points

  1. Vegan Wolf - Dont eat anything
  2. Fast Food - Eat 5 people quickly
  3. Wolfing Them Down - Eat 500 people
  4. Peek-A-Boo! - Jump out of bush 200 times

6000 points

  1. Ill Huff and Ill Puff - Run 1k metres

8000 points

  1. Eat Your Greens - Eat an alien
  2. Master of Disguise - When army is summoned, click on the large crate next to the bench
  3. The Great Escape - Eascape from the army

15000 points

  1. On a Full Moon - Play during the full moon
  2. Media Bias - Score 100 without eating a photographer

The 5 secret achievements no longer exist in the game and will be changed to something else later on

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