Important versions (up to 50 entries)

  1. Hateful event day 2 - God Complex - 2 god related games have been added
  2. V28092015: Hateful event day 1 - 17 games have been added, 3 games have been updated
  3. V08092015: Added some games, some secret achievements and added 2nd level of Anime Challenge guide. Also, started Unknown category and Timed category
  4. V14082015: Finished redesign of walkthroughs, Car Logo Quiz walkthrough redesign = 100%, Country Flag Quiz walkthrough redesign = 100%, App Logo Quiz walkthrough redesign = 100%, Ultimate Logo Quiz walkthrough redesign = 100%
  5. V24072015: Kick a ball through a hoop and then tap on a city, U-Play online games have been compiled
  6. V18072015: Finished layout change. Added current Featured Games
  7. V17072015: Added all Dobsoft Studios games. First part of layout change: Up to letter C. Created Version history page

Less important versions (up to 25 entries)

  1. V21092015: 5 new games added
  2. V17092015: 1 new game and Anime Challenge walkthrough is finally completed
  3. V16092015: No new games, added Pets level into theAnima Challenge walkthrough
  4. V15092015: Secret update (2 new levels into the walkthrough)
  5. V14092015: No new games, but Anima Challenge walkthrough has been massively updated
  6. V10092015: Added some games and updated Anime Challenge guide up until 1st Gamer level
  7. V09092015: Added some games and added 3rd level of Anime Challenge guide
  8. V07092015: Added some games, some secret achievements and started Anime Challenge guide
  9. V04092015: No new games, but some secret achievements have been discovered
  10. V03092015: Added 5 new games
  11. V01092015: Added 21 new games
  12. V31082015: Compiled New and Updated games
  13. V23082015: Added a lot of new games. 400 pages milestone reached
  14. V17082015: Added some new games
  15. V31072015: Added some new games
  16. V28072015: Added some new games
  17. V27072015: Added 1 new game
  18. V26072015: Added lots of new games from my library

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