Name - Survive! Mola mola!

Developer - SELECT BUTTON Inc.

Link -

Category - Simulation

Type of game - Incremental/Idle

Achievements - 5

Total points - 2500

500 points

  1. Never give up! - Die 50 times
  2. There is no such thing - Die in 99.9% probability to survive
  3. Those who flourish must face - Die at 200+ tons
  4. You are a star! - Get Fever mode 100 times
  5. Touching mola too much - Tap mola 3k times

Special sudden deaths (the others are dying due to every adventure and eating types of fish)

  1. Die from touching - You will get this while going for an achievement
  2. Flash - Use the in-game camera to take screenshots until the death
  3. Foam in eyes - Shake the device a lot
  4. Horrible eyesight - Turn the brightness down and wait
  5. Stuck as an egg forever - Dont skip the intro, swipe the screen and destroy all the eggs around
  6. Natural Causes - Reach 5 tons and pick Blessings to evolve into Living Legend and die on 10 tons

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