Name - Poopy Clickers

Developer - Meteorit Blade Dragon Apps

Link -

Category - Casual

Type of game - Incremental/Idle

Achievements - 9

Total points - 28000

1000 points

  1. Animation Lover - Tap the poop on the home screen
  2. Holly Poop - Earn 1M poops
  3. Upgrades are good - Buy/upgrade 20 things

2000 points

  1. Holly Shit - Earn 10M poops
  2. Mr. Clicker - Click the poop 10k times
  3. You Are upgrade addicted - Buy/upgrade 100 things

4000 points

  1. Holly Kaki - Earn 100M poops
  2. Oh my holly poop - Buy/upgrade 1k things

11000 points

  1. Click the poop 100k times

Clicker achivements may or may not be broken, achievements unlock either after the run is over in Timed mode or after you exit the game

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