Name - iRestaurant - Idle Restaurant

Developer - Serissa Solutions

Link -

Category - Casual

Type of game - Incremental/Idle

Achievements - 10

Total points - 49000

500 points

  1. Return of the chef - Play the game 2nd time
  2. First upgrade - Upgrade anything

1000 points

  1. Full storage - Have 30 ingredients in the inventory
  2. Innovation on recipes - Have 30 meals in the inventory

2000 points

  1. Right from the secret stash - Get a special ingredient (Critical upgrade increases the chances)
  2. Prepare more with less - Get a critical cooking (Critical upgrade increases the chances)
  3. Great deal! - Sell your item above the regular price (Critical upgrade increases the chances)

5000 points

  1. Millionaire - Have 1M cash

15000 points

  1. Cutting edge - Upgrade everything to the max

20000 points

  1. Billionaire - Have 1B cash

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