Name - Hungry Cat Picross

Developer - Tuesday Quest

Link -

Category - Puzzle

Type of game - Picross

Achievements - 10

Total points - 100000

10000 points

  1. Perfect - Complete a grid with 3 stars
  2. Bright young thing - Complete a galery
  3. Experienced painter - Complete all grids within a difficulty
  4. Great artist - Complete all grids of main mode
  5. Master - Complete all grids of main mode with all stars
  6. Speed painting - Complete a 10x15 grid in less than a minute
  7. Implacable logic - Complete a 10x15 grid without any errors
  8. See you on Tuesday! - Complete a Tuesday grid
  9. Totaly addicted - Complete 20 Tuesday paintings
  10. Sardinovore - Collect 500k sardines

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