Name - Godus

Developer - DeNA Corp.

Link -

Category - Simulation

Type of game - Civilization builder

Achievements - 16

Total points - 22000

1000 points

  1. Sculpting Power - Unlock Sculpting Power
  2. Leash Power - Unlock Leash Power
  3. Finger of God Power - Unlock Finger of God Power
  4. Beautify Power - Unlock Beautify Power
  5. God Seed Power - Unlock God Seed Power
  6. Swamp Power - Unlock Swamp Power
  7. Meteor Power - Unlock Meteor Power
  8. Rain of Purity Power - Unlock Rain of Purity Power
  9. Builder Settlement - Unlock the Builder settlements
  10. Farming Settlements -Unlock Farming settlements
  11. Mining Settlements - Unlock Mining settlements
  12. Shrine of Capacity - Unlock the Shrine of Capacity
  13. Shrine of Stamina - Unlock the Shrine of Stamina
  14. Shrine of Speed - Unlock the Shrine of Speed

4000 points

  1. Enter the Bronze Age - Unlock Farming settlements
  2. Enter the Iron Age - Unlock Mining settlements

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