Name - Giant Boulder of Death

Developer - [adult swim] games

Link -

Category - Arcade

Type of game - Survival

Achievements - 18

Total points - 30500

1000 points

  1. Rock hard resurrection - Play the game 2 times
  2. Beauty is in the beast - Unlock the Yeti
  3. Keep on rollin - Continue twice in one run

1500 points

  1. Squash Agent - Unlock the Jack O Boulder theme
  2. Pretty in Pink - Unlock the Ms. Boulder theme
  3. Meteoric speedball - Use the head start to get an Invinciboulder
  4. Balls of Stone - Survive 15km withou continues
  5. On top of the world - Fully upgrade jump height

2000 points

  1. King of the Hill - Complete all goals with The Boulder
  2. Cheat death - Destroy the Reaper
  3. Extinction Squad - Destroy a Stegadino
  4. Gifted - Unlock the Happy Holiboulder theme
  5. Pink Avenger - Complete all goals with Ms. Boulder
  6. Bouldergeist - Complete all goals with Jack O Boulder
  7. The Jingle Bell Rock - Complete all goals with Happy Holiboulder
  8. Day Tripper - Complete 7 daily goals in a row
  9. Goodbye Kiss - Hit a Glam Yeti
  10. Thrash em all - Complete all goals with Metal Boulder (requires an in-game purchase)

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