Name - Dubai Drift 2

Developer - Zero Four LLC

Link -

Category - Racing

Type of game - Cars

Achievements - 10

Total points - 5000

500 points

  1. Blown tire - Blow your tire
  2. Record video - Recod a video
  3. Dough nut - Spin your car 360°
  4. Wheelie - Ride on back wheels
  5. Side Wheel - Ride on side wheels
  6. Tiger - Tap the tiger to annoy him and make him roar
  7. Falcon - Purchase a SandKing and wait on the sand dunes map for a while
  8. Snowman - Smash the snowman in the Ski Dubai area
  9. Hats off - Tip the snowmans hat
  10. Bulburst - Break the buld in the Airport area

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