Name - Don't get fired!

Developer - QuickTurtle

Link -

Category - Role Playing

Type of game - Incremental/Idle

Achievements - 28

Total points - 31000

500 points

  1. retire_starter - Get fired 10 times
  2. earn_money1 - Earn 10k money
  3. studentloan_end - Pay off your student debt
  4. adventure_starter - Complete 10 challenges
  5. gain_good_icon_sns - Get 1 thumb up from a random event
  6. employers_secret - I dont actually know how to get this, i got it when i got the house... you may get it by taking a photo, that has the boss or president's face in it...
  7. interview_starter - Fail at 5 interviews
  8. parttimejob_starter - Complete 10 part time jobs

1000 points

  1. earn_money2 - Get 100k money
  2. retire_proficient - Get fired 20 times
  3. gain_car - Get a car
  4. gain_good_icon_review - Get 2 thumb ups from random events
  5. gain_good_icon_bonus - Get 3 thumb ups from random events
  6. adventure_proficient - Complete 30 challenges
  7. interview_proficient - Fail at 10 interviews
  8. parttimejob_proficient - Complete 30 part time jobs
  9. win_lotto - Win the lottery (rare random event)
  10. thank_you_for_payment - Purchase anything for real money

1500 points

  1. get_married - Get married
  2. earn_money3 - Get 1M money
  3. interview_craftsmen - Fail at 30 interviews
  4. retire_craftsmen - Get fired 40 times
  5. adventure_craftsmen - Complete 60 challenges
  6. parttimejob_craftsmen - Complete 60 part time jobs

2000 points

  1. gain_house - Buy a house
  2. im_emplyer - Become the president
  3. retire_king - Get fired 60 times
  4. earn_money4 - Get 10M money

Reasons to get fired:

  1. Fail at interview (impossible to miss)
  2. Because you didnt get work (ignore the ! marks)
  3. Because theres no work to do (random event when there is no work to do)
  4. No Answer (ignore the ?)
  5. Failed to get an internship (fail to get promoted from Intern)
  6. Failed to get a full time position (Fail to get promoted to full time twice in a row)
  7. Failed to get a promotion (fail to get a promotion 3 times in a row for same position)
  8. Too sick to work (click enough to lose all health)
  9. Team management (ignore the lower positions when you reach A.M.)
  10. Company went bankrupt (random event when company goes bankrupt)
  11. Company secret leaked out! (use the in-game camera to photograph the room a few times)
  12. Wheres my desk? (dont log in for 1 whole day)
  13. Work mistakes (random event when you add a wrong number)
  14. Negative Nancy! (Choose the negative options more than 5 times)
  15. Got caught working two jobs (impossible to miss if you go for part time job achievements)
  16. How dare!! You left work?! (Try to leave work by pressing the back button, but get caught, tap back and cancel leaving work a few times)
  17. I quit this job myself (resign from position of president)
  18. Sudden strike (make your employees work too hard by tapping on them)
  19. Bring me some nuts (random event when you bring the nuts in package, not on plate)
  20. A box of doughnuts (random event when you open the box)
  21. Airy potato chips (random event when you open the chips)
  22. Eyes are closing (fail Eyes are closing challenge)
  23. Whos the hottest girl? (fail Whos the hottest girl challenge)
  24. Thai Food (fail the food challenge)
  25. Forbidden love (fail Forbidden love challenge)
  26. Timing is everything (fail Timing is everything! challenge)
  27. No More Overtime! (fail No More Overtime! challenge)
  28. Back Stabbers (fail Back Stabbers challenge)
  29. Head out for happy hour (fail Head out for happy hour challenge)

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